Jun 19, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 6-8-11

Last night, we met the Fort Riley Chaplain and his wife for dinner. On the way there, Mr. H. had me write down a list of questions to ask him. I'll list them out, along with this particular chaplain's answers. Keep in mind, these answers stem from this particular chaplain's personal experience.

1) What's your typical day as a chaplain? He pretty much said he rubs shoulders with soldiers, building relationships with them. He also counsels a few days per week. There's some goal-setting, vision-casting. Some paperwork, but most of this is done by his chaplain's assistant.

2.) What are chapel services like? Do you get to preach/teach much? He is about to be put on a rotation for preaching. He conducts field services. Mr. H. worries about not being able to preach/teach much. He feels like that's his gifting.

3.) What are the rules about sharing the gospel? It sounds like he can't go up to Joe Blow on the street and witness. What he can do is witness to anyone who steps foot in his office. That's why it's important for him to make friends and "be seen." So the soldiers will be more apt to come to him.

4.) What does the future of DADT mean to chaplains? He personally doesn't seem to think much will change. His endorser won't allow him to marry homosexuals. If they come to him for counseling or advice, he would let them know that all relationships are not right unless one has a relationship with the Lord. He also said that he believes those in combat will not publicly come out.

5.) How does being in the Army affect your family life? He said he feels like they have tons of time together. Soldiers get time off for moves, after deployment, 3- and 4-day weekeds, etc. He felt like he has more days off than when he was a youth pastor.

Anyway, the time with them was good. However, I can't say that either one of us came away fired up even more for the chaplaincy. I'm not sure what this means, if anything. He invited Mr. H. to come shadow him a few days this summer. Also, we were invited to a BBQ at the end of June.

Mr. H. says today it makes him not want to join (what a surprise). Give him a few hours and he'll change his mind!

***If you have a chaplain husband and you're reading this, feel free to forward my questions on to him. We would LOVE to hear from other Chaplains!

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