Jun 3, 2011

Journal Entry dated 5-12-2011

Yesterday Mr. H. received a phone call from a chaplain recruiter. He told Mr. H. that he'd try and get him a waiver for the post-seminary experience. (Mr. H. just graduated in May 2011 with his MDiv, but he's been a youth pastor/pastor for 10 years).

Let me begin from Tuesday. I contacted Ray Chitwood regarding the likelihood of Mr. H. getting in. He emailed the information to the chaplain recruiter. The recruiter called our house and then asked for Mr. H.'s cell phone number. I was a tad nervous because I was afraid Mr. H. would be upset with me for contacting the army on his behalf. I was nervous all afternoon until he got home from work. He asked me if I'd been "meddling." I said sort of and explained what I had done.

Instead of him being upset, he said the guy offered him a waiver which Mr. H. didn't even ask for. The recruiter said he'd check and call him today. I'm not sure if he will get back to us that quickly, but we'll see.

Mr. H. went to work today and called me about 9:30am. He said with all the "opportunities" right now, he's just going to walk in them until doors close. He's learning to trust!

He has 2 stipulations for the Army thing:
1. Get a waiver for the post seminary thing
2. Active Duty or nothing.

He says this is his "Sun Stand Still" prayer. Just this week, I prayed the same thing. I said to the Lord that I know He can grant us Active duty and asked Him to make it happen.

So we wait....

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