Jun 7, 2011

Journal Entry dated 5-16-11

Once again, he's being difficult. Saying he's not going to do it...He's lying. He's so not like me. I tend to jump in and not think things through too well.

I just don't get what the big deal is? So what if he doesn't get accepted to Active Duty? Maybe he'll love the Reserves. And heaven forbid...he just may get selected for Active! :)
He told me the other night that he considered West Point when he was younger. ???? I swear I did not know this about him.

I feel like every day he puts if off multiplies into weeks in the future. The boards are done every so often. CH-BOLC is done twice/three times per year. Then there's MEPS. Will he pass all those tests the first time? Will he need/get waivers on time? Will his recruiter be a help or a hindrance?

So our prayer is a big one. It's our Sun Stand Still prayer. That the Lord would open doors for Active Duty.

We've been discussing whether or not to share this with our families. On one hand (mine), they could be praying for us. On another hand (his) they would know our business. I guess I'll continue to pray about that one.

I'm not really sure how far in the process we can go without telling someone.

I know he's more concerned about messing up and taking us with him. I think if we go through this process and he's rejected, he'll find a job quickly. He's a smart guy. but he doesn't believe in himself. So he'll never see my side.

I'm praying that the recruiter he's been talking to will call today with good news. Last time he's talked him him the recruiter said a waiver is a black stain...as in "you're not qualified for the Army." The endorser he spoke with said it wouldn't be a problem. You see, it seems as though Mr. H. needs a waiver for not having the post-seminary work. Nevermind he's already had about 9 years of ministry experience-- 6 years paid.

I will be updating later.

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