Jun 11, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-21-11

On the way home from our nephew's birthday party, we discussed this venture. He said that he has to try, if nothing else. He's afraid if he doesn't, he'll wonder for the rest of his life..."what if?" I was glad to hear him say that because it sounds so adventurous and out of character for him

We talked about how and when we'd tell our families. I don't really know what to expect from my family. They are mostly outspoken (like me) and not very tactful (like me!). Regardless of what they say or think, this is what we feel the Lord is calling us to and we have to walk in that.

Anyway, we decided to tell his family first. I think they'll be super supportive. I'm wondering about telling them over July 4th weekend. It's really the nearest time that the family would be together.

I think we need to get moving on this. He thinks he'll get his packet ready before this fall, but I think that's pushing it. But if we do get going on this, it would be nice to have everyone's support.

Just thinking about sitting down with my family in a few weeks makes me nervous. To tell someone makes me nervous.

I think we'll wait a little longer to let church people know. I'm torn on this. On one hand, it sure would be great to have them behind us. On the other hand, I don't want to tell them our plans and then he not get accepted.

Mr. H. is also thinking about his references for his endorsing agent. He needs 2 licensed individuals and 2 personal references. He thinks he'll ask my brother and our chaplain assistant friend. Who know about the others?

I've been reading Laura's blog about being a Chaplain's wife. She has some fantastic insight! I have devoured a lot of blogs, but most of them don't begin at the beginning, so they're never at the place where we're at right now.

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