Jun 27, 2011

Journal Entry dated 6-15-11

He's been workin' on ECA stuff again! Whoo-hoo! He also looked into Navy Chaplaincy. Chaplain R. suggested this. He said it was a good idea to be a little familiar with other branches. It will either change our feelings towards the Army or confirm our calling to it.

I emailed a chaplain candidate's wife (hi, Natasha) and asked her if her husband would answer some questions for me. I asked the same questions I asked of the Fort Riley Chaplain. This one was very gracious and answered them too. I forwarded them on to Mr. H. to read.

I really can't explain the peace I have had since he's made this decision to go forward. It's like I'm not stressed out one bit. I feel as though he and I are on the same page--let's begin the paperwork, etc and see where this thing takes us! Then we can put it behind us and will have gained some experience, knowledge, and faith in the process.

Since my family's July 4th celebration is around the corner, I'm getting butterflies in the tummy. Nervousness and excitment! 

After emailing my brother, Mr. H. hasn't received a response yet. It's been 5-6 days. I think he's on vacation and just isn't around to check email. Mr. H. is hoping that his response will be positive and he'll see that as a confirmation. 

I'm still praying my Sun Stand Still prayer...

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