Jun 28, 2011

Journal Entry dated 6-19-2011

Today's Father's Day! Happy Father's Day, Babe! 

Mr. H. received a reply from my brother. He said it sounded like a great ministry. We thought he might not like the idea and express that to us. So his response was a pleasant surprise.

Mr. H. has to find a reference that's not related to us, so we need to do that before we submit our ECA info. We know a retired Chaplain that we're going to try and meet up with. I hope he will be willing to be a reference. I believe the ECA requires 2 ministerial references who have to be ordained. Plus, it couldn't hurt to have a chaplain reference, right?

On his resume, he has to list a supervisor for his current job. He doesn't really have one as a head pastor, so he'll put a deacon's name down. That means we'll be telling a church member about our plans. I think he'll keep it confidential. It's just one more person knowing.

I wish we could fast-forward to the day we get the call that he's been accepted. Reading Sun Stand Still taught me that the process our our Sun Stand Still prayer is just as important as the outcome.

Jun 27, 2011

Journal Entry dated 6-15-11

He's been workin' on ECA stuff again! Whoo-hoo! He also looked into Navy Chaplaincy. Chaplain R. suggested this. He said it was a good idea to be a little familiar with other branches. It will either change our feelings towards the Army or confirm our calling to it.

I emailed a chaplain candidate's wife (hi, Natasha) and asked her if her husband would answer some questions for me. I asked the same questions I asked of the Fort Riley Chaplain. This one was very gracious and answered them too. I forwarded them on to Mr. H. to read.

I really can't explain the peace I have had since he's made this decision to go forward. It's like I'm not stressed out one bit. I feel as though he and I are on the same page--let's begin the paperwork, etc and see where this thing takes us! Then we can put it behind us and will have gained some experience, knowledge, and faith in the process.

Since my family's July 4th celebration is around the corner, I'm getting butterflies in the tummy. Nervousness and excitment! 

After emailing my brother, Mr. H. hasn't received a response yet. It's been 5-6 days. I think he's on vacation and just isn't around to check email. Mr. H. is hoping that his response will be positive and he'll see that as a confirmation. 

I'm still praying my Sun Stand Still prayer...

Jun 21, 2011

Journal Entry dated 6-11-2011

I got angry again. I even insulted him. I got emotional. I may have even cried. I told him I was at my wit's end with his wavering.

The next morning, he showed me a list of things that he had to do to get endorsed by the ECA. Not only did I see the list, HE HAD SOME ITEMS CHECKED OFF!!! I know he's been positive before, but I feel the wind of change now. He even sent out 4 emails to let 4 people in on this. He also called his Dad. last night he spoke to my mom about it.

I'm so excited that he's really doing this thing!! He's getting it through his head that it's not about him. The Lord will use him. This will all be for God's glory and not Mr. H.'s.

Jun 19, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 6-8-11

Last night, we met the Fort Riley Chaplain and his wife for dinner. On the way there, Mr. H. had me write down a list of questions to ask him. I'll list them out, along with this particular chaplain's answers. Keep in mind, these answers stem from this particular chaplain's personal experience.

1) What's your typical day as a chaplain? He pretty much said he rubs shoulders with soldiers, building relationships with them. He also counsels a few days per week. There's some goal-setting, vision-casting. Some paperwork, but most of this is done by his chaplain's assistant.

2.) What are chapel services like? Do you get to preach/teach much? He is about to be put on a rotation for preaching. He conducts field services. Mr. H. worries about not being able to preach/teach much. He feels like that's his gifting.

3.) What are the rules about sharing the gospel? It sounds like he can't go up to Joe Blow on the street and witness. What he can do is witness to anyone who steps foot in his office. That's why it's important for him to make friends and "be seen." So the soldiers will be more apt to come to him.

4.) What does the future of DADT mean to chaplains? He personally doesn't seem to think much will change. His endorser won't allow him to marry homosexuals. If they come to him for counseling or advice, he would let them know that all relationships are not right unless one has a relationship with the Lord. He also said that he believes those in combat will not publicly come out.

5.) How does being in the Army affect your family life? He said he feels like they have tons of time together. Soldiers get time off for moves, after deployment, 3- and 4-day weekeds, etc. He felt like he has more days off than when he was a youth pastor.

Anyway, the time with them was good. However, I can't say that either one of us came away fired up even more for the chaplaincy. I'm not sure what this means, if anything. He invited Mr. H. to come shadow him a few days this summer. Also, we were invited to a BBQ at the end of June.

Mr. H. says today it makes him not want to join (what a surprise). Give him a few hours and he'll change his mind!

***If you have a chaplain husband and you're reading this, feel free to forward my questions on to him. We would LOVE to hear from other Chaplains!

Jun 17, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-28-11

Mr. H. has been down in the dumps. I feel terrible when he's in a poor mood. I want to fix it, but he doesn't need me to. Yesterday we barely spoke to each other. On our way to my nephew's wedding, I let it all out. You see, the longer his bad mood went on, the more stressed and angry I became. I told him that we should really get moving on this Army thing, if it's what we were going to do. He alluded to the fact that I was forcing this on him. To which I incredulously said, "Do you mean that? Do you honestly feel that way?" He shot back with a definite NO. I didn't really think he thought that. He just chooses to say that so that if he doesn't get in, it could be my fault. :) No, he would not really blame me, he was kidding.

At the wedding he told me he had a plan. He said his plan was to find his endorsing agent. That also means being ordained. He will need to find references.

I want him to write a list of everything he needs to get this thing moving. More importantly, I want to see him get things crossed OFF that list!

Jun 15, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-26-11

I sort of lost my temper yesterday morning with Mr. H. I get tired of his wavering. So I kind of yelled at him and told him to choose SOMETHING! After I yelled, he told me that he had begun to fill our his endorsement packet. So I felt bad for yelling at him because he was doing something.

He and I are so different. When I decide I'm going to do something, I plow ahead and get it done. He moves very slowly. And I can understand, but it's just not how I work.

Mr. H. said he quit filling out his endorsement info because he needed his recruiter information. What I would have done is called the recruiter and gotten that information. Well, Mr. H. kind of waits around for a day or two before getting what he needs. I still have no idea if he called the recruiter or not.

Jun 13, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-22-11

I just read an archived live chat with a chaplain. I'm feeling discouraged. He said a few things:
1. Protestant slots are slim
2. Need the 2 years of post-seminary (though he said nothing about seminary while pastoring)
3. The Army is reducing their force number

Even though I hate to hear these things, I feel like the Lord is still in control. If he wants us there, we're going there!

I just worry about looking dumb if it doesn't work out. And then the song "I'll become even more undignified than this...some will say it's foolishness" comes to mind.

Lord, thank you for handling all this for us. Thank you for already having a plan. Help us to be obedient.

Jun 11, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-21-11

On the way home from our nephew's birthday party, we discussed this venture. He said that he has to try, if nothing else. He's afraid if he doesn't, he'll wonder for the rest of his life..."what if?" I was glad to hear him say that because it sounds so adventurous and out of character for him

We talked about how and when we'd tell our families. I don't really know what to expect from my family. They are mostly outspoken (like me) and not very tactful (like me!). Regardless of what they say or think, this is what we feel the Lord is calling us to and we have to walk in that.

Anyway, we decided to tell his family first. I think they'll be super supportive. I'm wondering about telling them over July 4th weekend. It's really the nearest time that the family would be together.

I think we need to get moving on this. He thinks he'll get his packet ready before this fall, but I think that's pushing it. But if we do get going on this, it would be nice to have everyone's support.

Just thinking about sitting down with my family in a few weeks makes me nervous. To tell someone makes me nervous.

I think we'll wait a little longer to let church people know. I'm torn on this. On one hand, it sure would be great to have them behind us. On the other hand, I don't want to tell them our plans and then he not get accepted.

Mr. H. is also thinking about his references for his endorsing agent. He needs 2 licensed individuals and 2 personal references. He thinks he'll ask my brother and our chaplain assistant friend. Who know about the others?

I've been reading Laura's blog about being a Chaplain's wife. She has some fantastic insight! I have devoured a lot of blogs, but most of them don't begin at the beginning, so they're never at the place where we're at right now.

Jun 10, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-18-11

For the past few weeks this verse has been rattling around in my head...."For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Mr. H. emailed the Fort Riley chaplain yesterday. He replied and he's going to set up a time to get together with us and his wife. So excited!!!

Jun 9, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-17-11

The recruiter didn't call last night. Mr. H. said it didn't matter because if he was supposed to join, it wouldn't make a difference what the recruiter said (about the waiver looking bad). He's right.

He told me he'd really like to sit down with the Fort Riley chaplain. so I found his contact information and wrote it down for Mr. H. I told him his homework was to call or email him. I noticed he took the info with him when he left for work. Hopefully he'll call him! Maybe get a meeting set up or something.

I feld like last night Mr. H. really felt like he should do it. He finished a book and said he was too much of a wus. Also he mentioned that he hfelt like if we pursued this, he would be selected for Active Duty. He's not been that positive before. A good sign.

Last night, we went to town as a family. We bought ceiling fans for our room and the living room. Then we ate at Famous Dave's to celebrate his graduation. (He received his MDiv from Liberty--Summa Cum Laude!). Then to the library and Wal-Mart. It was nice to be together as a family.

I'm thinking of taking a break from my direct sales company. It's just not as fun as it used to be. I kind of dread leaving the family. Plus, with summer ball and homeschooling, I'm not sure I'll have time. But I have gotten someone else to take my other group, so that will make a difference.

Jun 7, 2011

Journal Entry dated 5-16-11

Once again, he's being difficult. Saying he's not going to do it...He's lying. He's so not like me. I tend to jump in and not think things through too well.

I just don't get what the big deal is? So what if he doesn't get accepted to Active Duty? Maybe he'll love the Reserves. And heaven forbid...he just may get selected for Active! :)
He told me the other night that he considered West Point when he was younger. ???? I swear I did not know this about him.

I feel like every day he puts if off multiplies into weeks in the future. The boards are done every so often. CH-BOLC is done twice/three times per year. Then there's MEPS. Will he pass all those tests the first time? Will he need/get waivers on time? Will his recruiter be a help or a hindrance?

So our prayer is a big one. It's our Sun Stand Still prayer. That the Lord would open doors for Active Duty.

We've been discussing whether or not to share this with our families. On one hand (mine), they could be praying for us. On another hand (his) they would know our business. I guess I'll continue to pray about that one.

I'm not really sure how far in the process we can go without telling someone.

I know he's more concerned about messing up and taking us with him. I think if we go through this process and he's rejected, he'll find a job quickly. He's a smart guy. but he doesn't believe in himself. So he'll never see my side.

I'm praying that the recruiter he's been talking to will call today with good news. Last time he's talked him him the recruiter said a waiver is a black stain...as in "you're not qualified for the Army." The endorser he spoke with said it wouldn't be a problem. You see, it seems as though Mr. H. needs a waiver for not having the post-seminary work. Nevermind he's already had about 9 years of ministry experience-- 6 years paid.

I will be updating later.

Jun 3, 2011

Journal Entry dated 5-12-2011

Yesterday Mr. H. received a phone call from a chaplain recruiter. He told Mr. H. that he'd try and get him a waiver for the post-seminary experience. (Mr. H. just graduated in May 2011 with his MDiv, but he's been a youth pastor/pastor for 10 years).

Let me begin from Tuesday. I contacted Ray Chitwood regarding the likelihood of Mr. H. getting in. He emailed the information to the chaplain recruiter. The recruiter called our house and then asked for Mr. H.'s cell phone number. I was a tad nervous because I was afraid Mr. H. would be upset with me for contacting the army on his behalf. I was nervous all afternoon until he got home from work. He asked me if I'd been "meddling." I said sort of and explained what I had done.

Instead of him being upset, he said the guy offered him a waiver which Mr. H. didn't even ask for. The recruiter said he'd check and call him today. I'm not sure if he will get back to us that quickly, but we'll see.

Mr. H. went to work today and called me about 9:30am. He said with all the "opportunities" right now, he's just going to walk in them until doors close. He's learning to trust!

He has 2 stipulations for the Army thing:
1. Get a waiver for the post seminary thing
2. Active Duty or nothing.

He says this is his "Sun Stand Still" prayer. Just this week, I prayed the same thing. I said to the Lord that I know He can grant us Active duty and asked Him to make it happen.

So we wait....

Jun 2, 2011

Journal Entries dated 2-10-11 and 5-10-11

I'm meeting a chaplain's wife on Saturday.

I had lots of questions written out for this lady. She probably thought I was a freak! If you're a chaplain's wife, did you have women contacting you via a blog or email to ask questions of you? What did you think about that? I can't express enough how little information there is out there on this kind of thing. You ladies who give up your time to answer our questions are SO appreciated!

I suppose these entries all sound the same. He decided to do it...he decided not to...on and on and on. Now we're on the "not." 

I think he wants the Army to call him and ask him to join! :)

He's read Chazown, Weird, and Sun Stand Still in the past few months. With each one, I swear at one point he mumbles something about joining the Army. Whenever he's around soldiers he wants to join!

He told me yesterday that the urge to join was gone. I pressed him, and reminded him of the books he's read. Then he sheepishly admitted that the desire was indeed still there.

Lord, where will you have us? We'll go anywhere and do anything!

I haven't heard back from the chaplain's wife I met with. She's the wife of a chaplain at Fort Riley. I bombarded her with questions and asked to hear her story. I had a great time. She said she'd contact me when her husband got back home so we could all get together. Still nothing and she expected him home in March.

All my homeschool books are bought and we're ready to roll!