Jun 21, 2011

Journal Entry dated 6-11-2011

I got angry again. I even insulted him. I got emotional. I may have even cried. I told him I was at my wit's end with his wavering.

The next morning, he showed me a list of things that he had to do to get endorsed by the ECA. Not only did I see the list, HE HAD SOME ITEMS CHECKED OFF!!! I know he's been positive before, but I feel the wind of change now. He even sent out 4 emails to let 4 people in on this. He also called his Dad. last night he spoke to my mom about it.

I'm so excited that he's really doing this thing!! He's getting it through his head that it's not about him. The Lord will use him. This will all be for God's glory and not Mr. H.'s.

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