Jun 17, 2011

Journal Entry Dated 5-28-11

Mr. H. has been down in the dumps. I feel terrible when he's in a poor mood. I want to fix it, but he doesn't need me to. Yesterday we barely spoke to each other. On our way to my nephew's wedding, I let it all out. You see, the longer his bad mood went on, the more stressed and angry I became. I told him that we should really get moving on this Army thing, if it's what we were going to do. He alluded to the fact that I was forcing this on him. To which I incredulously said, "Do you mean that? Do you honestly feel that way?" He shot back with a definite NO. I didn't really think he thought that. He just chooses to say that so that if he doesn't get in, it could be my fault. :) No, he would not really blame me, he was kidding.

At the wedding he told me he had a plan. He said his plan was to find his endorsing agent. That also means being ordained. He will need to find references.

I want him to write a list of everything he needs to get this thing moving. More importantly, I want to see him get things crossed OFF that list!

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