May 30, 2011

Journal Entry dated 1-14-2011

Thanks to all those who have fought for the freedom of our country! You do not get enough credit, that's for sure.

This is an old journal entry:
More talking last night. Mr. H. told me that he emailed our friend who's a chaplain's assistant. I read the email, in which Mr. H. states he's "in the process of choosing an endorser," he feels "confident that God is leading in this direction," he's "compelled to move forward...." Now why he can tell this to his buddy and not me is beyond me! He acts confident and sure, but with me I'm left wondering "is he or isn't he?"

We talked about different scenarios of how we'll tell people. We will tell his family first. I am without a doubt that they'll be supportive. Then, onto my family. Who knows what'll happen there?

My other brother was left with a bad taste in his mouth where the military is concerned.

I imagine one of my other brothers saying "WHAT?" But I doubt he'll be a jerk about it.

My last brother and his wife won't say anything rude. In fact, I think they'll be semi-supportive.

My niece and her husband probably won't say anything, but I doubt they'll think it's awesome.

I think that in the moment, everyone will be so shocked that they won't know how to respond. Then, I imagine there will be lots of questions. I think in the end, they'll all come around, but they may need some time to let it soak in. 

Mr. H. said we'd share info in April. A long time away....

How did YOU tell your family/friends/church about your journey in the chaplaincy? I realize ultimately it doesn't matter what they say, but I'm just curious about how it went down for my readers. Maybe you have some tips or advice on how we can do this with our family, etc.


Becca Whitham said...

Since we were not in a position of leadership at a church, and my husband's boss at the time was a strong Christian, we didn't feel the need to keep it quiet. Told everyone who might be willing to pray for us. Who do you have praying for you?

Natasha said...

My husband said he would be more than glad to talk to your husband. If he would be interested, then let me know and I can get you his email or cell number.