May 29, 2011


We keep going and going and going....Still talking about it. Monday night I told him to quit being a wuss. It sounds terrible, I know, but come on! If he were working at Raytheon where no one knew our business, he'd be applying already. It's this "not wanting people to know my business." Ugh! I get tired of hearing that.

He went to work for our friend today and then told me he had thought about what I said about him being a wuss.

I asked him to just send for a packet. He's afraid that he'll need to get a letter of recommendation from someone in the church. Then, everyone in the church would know. Yes, eventually that would happen.

I traveled to Minnesota with a friend who is a sergeant in the army. When I told her about what the recruiter had told Mr. H, she kind of came unglued! A few of the things she said were: the recruiter probably was just lazy and didn't want to start a bunch of paperwork. She also said that in the Army, if you want something, you've gotta work for it. Mr. H. will struggle here! But he also needs to learn that not everything will be handed to him and/or easy to do. There's nothing wrong with working for something.

A few weeks ago (early December maybe), I posted a comment on a blog that a chaplain wife wrote. I never heard back, so I let it go. (They live on a post near us). On Saturday, her husband updated the blog and replied to my comment. So, now I guess I'm going to meet her sometime in the near future so I can ask a bunch of questions. Then, when her husband comes back in the spring (he's deployed), all 4 of us will get together. Kind of crazy. Hopefully talking to a real life Chaplain will get some things cleared up for us.

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