May 23, 2011


From my journal:

The first time Mr. H mentioned it to me, I probably laughed it off. Then we kept watching Band of Brothers over and over. I'm sure he must have mentioned it a dozen times before I knew he was half-way serious. I didn't think it sounded like him at all. Not that he couldn't do it, but that he wanted to. Then I thought maybe it was because of all the Band of Brothers we were watching.

We spoke with a chaplain assistant friend about it. He, too, was considering the idea. But it was nice to have a sounding board. Our friends PCSed to Germany and we let it alone for a bit.

And then we chose April 2010 to fast. I have been frustrated with our school system since we moved here so part of my fast was to glean whether or not we should homeschool. I was torn really. I thought I could handle J and A, but I was afraid that I couldn't teach S how to read. Which he's already doing that without my help! Thru the fast, the Lord revealed to me that we would do it (homeschool). I still was a little uneasy about S. I did tons of research on it and spoke to Mr. H about it. He was pretty firm that we not do it this coming school year. Part of his reasoning was that the school employs him as a sub and he needs that money. So, we know we'll do it, just not yet.

Which leads me to our other reason for fasting in April. We decided to ask God for direction with our future ministry. Do we stay here, apply for another church, or pursue a career with the United States Army?

During the fast, I was praying for both issues, but my main focus was the homeschooling.  I was shocked after the fast when he revealed his thoughts. He said that he still felt called to be an army chaplain! He asked the Lord to remove that desire if it wasn't something worth pursuing. He didn't. So here we are.

At one point, he had contacted an Army chaplain recruiter...For some reason, Mr. H quit talking with him. I suppose it was because Mr. H found out he had to posses an MDiv before the army would take him.

I called up an army chaplain recruiter last week to get some questions answered. We found out that Mr. H can begin Army paperwork within 6 months of graduation. In the midst of all this, I realized that he graduates in May 2011. Not December 2011. So 6 months before May is November 2010-- only 5 months away! I sort of panicked then. In 5 months, we're beginning our quest into the Army?! Are we really that close?

There is information out there on this, but not enough. Most of what I've found out has been from reading blogs of chaplains and/or their wives.

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