May 28, 2011


Mr. H. finally spoke to a recruiter yesterday. He told Mr. H that the Army is being very selective right now. He said Mr. H needs about 5 years of post-seminary experience. Only 1/3 of those who applied were chosen. So I guess he's definitely looking at the Reserves first. Only, Mr. H. doesn't really want to be in the Reserves for 5 years. The least he could do is be in for 3 years (the standard commitment) and then get out at that time.

Mr. H is ready to trash the idea. He doesn't want to try something he's not successful at already. If he did do this, people would know his business. And he thinks they'd think he was a failure if he wasn't chosen for Active Duty.

I am going to encourage him to proceed anyway, but it may take him awhile to do just that. He's an analyzer.

I'm curious to know if the 1/3 chosen were of those qualified or just of everyone. I think he would be in the top 1/3, but Mr. H says I'm biased.

I don't know why God would put this in our hearts (2+ years) if this wasn't the route we go.

Clarity, Lord! Oh, and I suppose patience.

I told Mr. H that we could be at war next month again and they'd take more on. Who knows?

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