May 26, 2011


Another journal entry....

Okay, we're back to the chaplain thing. We let the idea drop to the back of our minds. Mainly because of summer vacation and school beginning.. A week or so ago, he made an executive decision...we're going for it. If the Army won't take him as Active Duty, he's going to join the Reserves. If he does that and then volunteers to be deployed, there's a better chance of becoming Active duty after the deployment.

He hasn't had a chance to call the recruiter, but today's the day I guess.

I'm a little excited and a little nervous. There's just so many questions. People will have to know our business before it's a done deal. If he does the Reserves things, the church may not want to keep him on. Or they may cut his salary. He hates the unknown. I really would doubt that the church would decide to fire him.

I just told him that he needs to poop or get off the pot. Mr. H. thinks and analyzes stuff to death, so I know he's had this on his mind for ages!

So as the saying goes, we'll hurry up and wait.


Natasha said...

It is great to "meet" you.

Yes, I know my husband needs to update more! He had intended on doing more update while at ChBOLC, but the business of it all didn't allow him time. He also works full time as an engineer so the blog hasn't been a priority.

I do love your journal entries. They will benefit those in this journey.

There is a lot of hurry up and wait, so be patient and let God lead.

Julie said...

I know with us we went back and forth on joining or not. Took about 6 months of it to really decide. It's been a hard life, harder than I ever thought but I have seen and done so many amazing things because of it.