May 25, 2011

6- 17-10

Mr H. called the guy from LBF regarding endorsement.

June 18th, 2010
After speaking with LBF, Mr. H. was discouraged. It sounds like the guy kind of blew him off. He said to contact him in April of 2011, which seems really late. He almost acted like he didn’t have time to take Mr. H’s call seriously. He also said that Mr. H. needed 2 years of ministry after graduating (from seminary). We have never heard this. He also mentioned that Mr. H. would have to be in the Reserves for 2 years before joining Active Duty. Once again, we have never run across that info before.

So knowing Mr. H., I wasn’t surprised when he wanted to give up. It would make for a long haul if he kept giving up at every snafu. Thankfully, Mr. H. called a few other endorsers. One’s pretty conservative (like more conservative than he and I really are), one was Evangelical Free and requires yearly dues of $125, and one is “Gospel” something or other. This last one seems to be more in line with our beliefs. I think they’re mailing him a packet of information. After the LBF guy, I told Mr. H that he just needed to call the chaplain recruiter. He did and left a message.

The lady he spoke with (Gospel maybe) said 30 candidates went before the board, and only 5 made it. AND only 2 were protestant. She acted like the Army isn’t in need of protestant chaplains like they were a few years ago.

Mr. H. came home from work and asked me what I thought about him just going to Officer Candidate School instead. He was busy opening a boat part, so we didn’t get a chance to discuss it in depth.

We both felt a confirmation on June 5th, though we were in different places. So I feel like there’s something to this. Maybe we assumed he would be a chaplain, but maybe this OCS is where it’s at. I have to trust that the Lord will work His plan if Mr. H and I can trust and obey.

In talking with Heidi (chaplain assistant wife and my friend), I realized that God made me the way I am “for such a time as this.” Army life might really agree with us. For example:
1.      I enjoy moving. Packing, unpacking, new place to explore, different house.
2.      I don’t collect a bunch of junk. It would get old moving junk all the time.
3.      I don’t make good close attachments to people. So it’s no big thing when they or I move.
4.      Mr. H. has always felt like he needed to finish and get his MDiv. Which he needs to become a chaplain.
5.      He and I are not super attached to our families. We don’t have to be with them ALL the time.
6.      Also, God has impressed upon my heart recently to start spending more time with our families. I guess because later on, we’ll be too far away? Mr. H. has felt this same thing.

June 18th (again…later)
And So the Southern Baptist guy tells Mr. H. the same thing—the Army isn’t “hiring” like they were. The need just isn’t there. Hmmm……what are you doing, Lord?

Now, while reading my journal entries from last year….keep in mind that I was new at all this stuff. I had no idea what was what! I still am NO EXPERT. For instance, I now know that a lot of endorsers require dues of some sort. 


Kristi said...

I hope that God blesses the road ahead for your family! :) The chaplaincy is amazing!

Mrs. H said...

Kristi- Thanks so much for your encouragement. I've got several posts scheduled. We're still pluggin' away!