Aug 4, 2011

To the Government's House We Go....

Mr. H. has MEPS tomorrow. Tonight the Navy is putting him up in a hotel near MEPS. When he got there, he had to sign in. When he leaves, he has to sign out. He has to return by 9:30pm and be in his room by 10:00pm. He said he had to sign a form that he wouldn't cuss, misbehave, wear inappropriate clothing, tear stuff up etc. Seem like odd rules, except that Mr. H. is the oldest one there. He's at the hotel with about fifteen 17-18 year olds. The military appropriates a special room in the hotel with a large TV, gaming consoles, and a few computers. He told me that most of these kids are shipping out tomorrow. They all have to share a hotel room, but since Mr. H. is going to be an officer, he gets his own room. I bet that made him happy. While there, he also gets a free supper and breakfast.

I asked him if I needed to call him in the morning to make sure he's up. He has to be in the lobby at about 4:45am I think! Pray for him tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure what will go on, but prayers couldn't hurt. Just pray that it goes well and that they don't find anything "wrong" with him.

He found out this morning that he has to wear his glasses at MEPS tomorrow. Well, he's been wearing glasses that only have one ear piece. They balance on his nose and one ear. He has to wear them and tip his head up a bit. So...well, that won't do for MEPS. He had me run to the eye doctor and see if he had any frames that would fit Mr. H.'s lenses. He did! So, $60 later, he's ready to go.

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Lara said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog, following your family's journey. How did thing go at MEPS?