Aug 1, 2011

Things Are Moving Pretty Quickly

I've heard the military has a motto that goes something like this: Hurry up and wait. Of all the military blogs I've read the last few years, I swear they have all mentioned it at one time or another. So, really, I expected to hurry up and wait a lot with Mr. H's process. But it's not. happening. that. way. He has an interview last week, which went well. He spoke with his recruiter today and got some dates. Here we go:

Friday: MEPS. The Navy's putting him up in a hotel in KC on Thursday night....because he has to be at MEPS at 5:45 a.m. I can't remember the last time Mr. H. was up that early!

August 25: All his paperwork must be submitted to go before the boards in....

SEPTEMBER 8th! Originally we thought his paperwork would go before the boards in late October. Meaning, we might not find out if he made it until then or early November. So, now we're looking at mid-September! Yikes! It's kind of nerve-wracking and definitely exciting all at the same time!

I think what the September boards mean is that he will be flown to Washington DC then. I could be wrong on that, but I think that's what he told me.

Mr. H. would love your prayers. He's getting pretty nervous about right now.

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