Aug 14, 2011


He passed MEPS, with no problems. We didn't anticipate that there would be any problems. But, it's a praise all the same.

He found out via the Navy Chaplain Corp Facebook Page that he would be required to have another interview. His recruiter didn't tell Mr. H. that, so he called and got that knocked out over the phone. Mr. H. has a fantastic recruiter. He has done things quickly and efficiently. I think that he just doesn't deal with a lot of chaplain candidates and so he didn't realize all that they have to do compared with a regular officer or even an enlisted guy. So, I'm not complaining. I am glad that Mr. H. was able to do it all over the phone.

The next step was with the ECA. They require one last interview with an ECA member and an ordination service. There is a local army chaplain who will do this for Mr. H. and I guess will do the ordination service the same day. He is responsible for finding a few other ECA members in the area to form an impromptu committee who will do this. He said he will set this up for Tuesday, but we haven't heard back from him that it's a done deal.

We are waiting for Mr. H. to get a copy of his social security card in the mail so we can run that to his recruiter this week. (He didn't have it with him at MEPS.)

Mr. H. made the announcement to the whole congregation today. People were finding out and those who aren't regulars were hearing it from townspeople, so he felt like he needed to say it from the pulpit. I'm glad that's done with. Several people were excited and sad at the same time. A lot like how we feel about leaving here, too.

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