Dec 28, 2011

3 Days Until Go Time

It has been awhile, but nothing new has gone on really. He's just been working like mad getting all his paperwork in order. He's made tons of phone calls, got our home finances simplified for me (hopefully), and has been taking it easy with us. He purchased a binder that is about 3 inches thick with paperwork. He has to have about 3 copies of every piece of information. Today he is going to get all his stuff packed. It's kind of a mistake on his part though, because I know he will unpack and repack at least 2 more times! :) Here's the packing list:

Chaplaincy School Needs

Cash:  $(I can't publish how much he is taking....he would NOT like that.)


12” Flat Ruler
6 x 9 Steno Notebook
Ball Point Pens—Black
8 White Undershirts
10 Pair Underwear
10 Pair White Socks
2 towels
2 Washcloths
5 Pair Black Dress Socks
Razor & Blades
Nail Clippers
Shower Shoes
White Mesh Laundry Bag
2-3 Civilian Outfits
Running Shoes
Shoe Shine Kit
Cleaning Suupplies
Small Box of Laundry Detergent

Optional but Allowed:

iPod & iPad Charger
Phone charger
Ibuprophen etc.
Alarm Clock
Wallet/Checkbook & Debit Card

PCS Orders
Copies of Prescriptions—None
Medical Records
Immunization Records
Oath of Office
Direct Deposit Information
Original Birth Certificate
Original Social Security Card
Driver’s License
Original Marriage License
Originals of Children’s Birth Certificates
Originals of Children’s Social Security Cards
Recruiter Contact Information

Saturday morning, we'll get all 4 kids loaded up quietly in the van to drive him to the airport. His parents and my mom want to go also. His flight leaves at 8am. We are both getting a little sad. I haven't cried yet, but I came very close last night. I'm pretty sure I'll cry on Saturday. He doesn't report until Monday, so he'll have a day or so to explore, if he chooses to. I think he'll go to a chapel service on base on Sunday.

I know we signed up for this, but when he's been gone in the past for various mission trips, it has only been about 2 weeks. The first few days are great, but then by the end of the first week, I really begin to miss him. I guess that's a good sign, huh? I keep asking him if he's sure that he has to train, can't he just skip through that and take us to Japan already? He says is stinks knowing that we have to be away from each other for 3 months and knowing that it's the right thing to do. True.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, he'll be able to post information about where he's at. If not, I'll do my best. I asked him to take photos, but he isn't that kind of guy. I hope he'll get in someone else's photos then.

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