Sep 13, 2011

He's In!

Mr. H. went to Washington (this sounds like a book title...) last Wednesday-Thursday. His plane was to arrive at 6:30pm Thursday, but instead, kept getting delayed. The 4 kids and I were pretty much in the van for about 4 hours waiting for him. The airport has nothing for little kids, so it was either lock them in the van or chase all 4 of them in different directions at the airport. Thank goodness for laptops and DS's.

We were told that he would hear back 1-5 days after the interview. I expected to hear something on Tuesday (today), but he received a phone call on Friday afternoon. His recruiter called to let him know that he was recommended by the board for Navy chaplaincy. He came bursting through the house and I thought something bad had happened the way he tore into the house. He got it all out in spite of his jumping and whooping and hollering (really, I've never seen him this excited). We were thrilled, of course! Our oldest son said he was embarrassed to see Dad so excited! :)

However, our hearts are breaking for our friends right now. Please hold Mr. and Mrs. T. up in prayer because I am sure they are devastated. We know that the Lord's ways are not our ways and all we can do is fully trust Him. And I know sometimes that doesn't seem good enough, does it?

Mr. H.'s mom and dad took our kids this weekend and he and I got a lot done on the  house. We're getting it all ready to sell. Houses aren't moving too quickly in this area, so we're putting it on the market asap. We have to trust the Lord in this, too.

Next up for Mr. H. is his commissioning service in KC. We don't know when that will be exactly, but after his security clearance comes through and his commissioning documents are done, that date will be set.

Then, he's off to ODS (Officer Development School) in Rhode Island. We will be separated for 3 months. The longest we've been apart has been about 2 weeks and I missed him like CRAZY!


Reccewife said...

Congratulations, what great news for your family!
I'm sure that as God has sustained you this far, he will continue to during his training. Congrats again :)

Anchor's Aweigh! said...

Congratulations!! how exciting!! we started on this navy adventure last year and so far I have to say I love it!
Get used to the hurry up and wait philosophy, though!! or that plans will change last minute.... Each day is an adventure :)

ps: the ODS is in a beautiful location. hope you get a chance to visit while your hubs is up there.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear goodness, how exciting?!

Pattie said...

I am so glad you found me! Feel free to email me at pattie (at) if you need a "person" to email about the military life. It's becoming so much a part of who I am now, but I still remember being clueless when DH was in the reserves. It was only because I had people who answered my questions that I know anything at all now :)