Jul 6, 2011

So Much Has Transpired...

Okay, here we are....up to date....

Mr. H. is submitting his ECA paperwork today. He has all his personal and ministerial references ready to go. Because of this, we had to tell a deacon (and his wife). This particular deacon was very supportive and excited for us. He even admitted to the fact that he had once thought about joining the military. So we know that they are praying for us.

We told our families this past weekend. His family first. They sort of knew a little bit anyway. I had sent out an email to my entire family (my 4 brothers and their families, plus my parents) letting them know that Mr. H. and I had something to discuss with them. In the meantime, we all had a family wedding reception to attend. Everyone kept asking us what our news was. These guesses were tossed around: moving, having a baby, Mr. H. taking a job at his alma mater. My middle brother said, "I know what it is." But he wouldn't tell me right then. So I walked him out and HE KNEW WHAT IT WAS. Seriously, he said, "Mr. H. is quitting the church and becoming a military chaplain." How could he have known?

Anyway, my family gathered in one room on Monday, July 4th. Mr. H. told them. I expected some hesitancy and there was some, but nothing major. Mainly concerns and questions about it. Most of them voiced that they were supportive and/or excited about it. I can't tell you how good it feels to have our families knowing and praying for us.

So, after much consideration, Mr. H. and I feel as though we are being called to the Navy, and not the Army like we had expected. Mr. H. spoke with his Navy Chaplain professor and the Ft. Riley Chaplain suggested he look into it also. So for the past 3 years, we've been thinking Army, and now the Lord is showing us who's in control by pointing us towards the Navy. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

I know I have one Navy wife follower and I would LOVE to hear from you about any tips/advice. I'm going to try and get some more Navy wives' input also.

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