Jul 20, 2011

It's Really Happening....

We're on this rollercoaster now, baby!

We've been meeting with some of our deacons and their wives for the past few days. Most of them expected that we would tell them that we're leaving for another church. None of them expected the whole Navy thing. ALL of them have been supportive and promised their prayers. Such a blessing to us to have a great church family. People who really care about us and our lives.

Mr. H. has a Men's Retreat coming up this weekend-- he's actually leaving this evening. Anyway, he's going to be gone until Sunday. A few days ago, he was contacted about meeting a Chaplain in KC for an interview. He decided to meet up with him on Sunday afternoon. He'll be driving there from Oklahoma.

Pray for him please! He's nervous! He isn't sure what to wear to this type of thing-- any ideas? I don't know what we learn from this interview, if anything. I'll keep you posted!

We'll be on vacation all of next week, so I might not have updates until after that.

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