Jan 6, 2012

Almost a Week Later

I have gotten to hear from Steven almost every day so far! That's quite unexpected. He is settled in and has begun official training. He passed all his fitness tests (which I knew he would). He bought his uniforms and has NOT sent me a photo of him in them yet. When he does, I'll post it. He's busy learning tons of stuff and being "indoctrinated" into the military.

The kids and I are doing fine. One of them was sniffling in bed last night and said that he didn't want his dad to be gone for 3 months. I told him to wake up every day and say, "I can get through one more day." I hugged him and kissed him and told him to pray and ask God to help him through it. What else can I do? I feel the same way!

I had some information emailed to me for our oversees screening. Our doctors and dentists have to fill out information that says we aren't going to require medical/dental emergency care while we're in Japan. As in, we won't need "special" care while over there. I have to get a doctor to fill out a form that my children aren't "special needs" either. Apparently, it's more difficult going oversees if you have a special needs family member. The military calls it "exceptional family member." So, I'm working on filling out all that information and sending it to our doctor and dentist.

Yesterday, it got up to 70 degrees, so I took the kids to the zoo and the library. We did our work in the morning and headed to Topeka for the day. I love being a homeschooling family. We practically had the zoo and the park to ourselves. I totally forgot my camera! This was Lincoln's first visit and I couldn't even document it.

Thi sweekend, we're going to spend some time with family for a day or two. Not looking forward to the driving, but am glad to be with family in the end.

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